Intuitivity RPO

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What is an RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is where talent acquisition functions are outsourced to an external organisation specialising in recruitment.  The RPO provider then assumes responsibility for part (or all) of a company’s hiring needs, saving the client time and money, providing invaluable recruitment experience and optimising recruitment and technology processes.

Intuitivity RPO

Intuitivity is The Project Diary’s bespoke RPO model.  It is agile enough to work alongside your internal team by partnering directly with you through your internal systems, offering advanced attraction capability and assisting your scale when required.


A partner that is committed to the same goals. No wasted time briefing other agencies.

A provider who can talent pool for key specialist roles and succession planning.

A scalable and flexible recruitment solution to meet recruitment peaks and troughs.

A highly cost-effective solution with reduced cost to hire, increased purchasing discounts, reduced agency spend and lower headcount cost.

A remote technology solution to ensure we can work anywhere, anytime with no downtime, leave or unscheduled absences as we will always be available.

Safe connectivity to your internal file systems (where possible) to manage all your daily recruitment interactions; easy access to suitable candidates in real time for selection and interview set up.

All-in-one cost includes resources, 2 x reference checks, 3-month replacement guarantee, technology, WorkCover, payroll tax and insurance.

Only additional costs with increased purchasing power for advertising choices, probity needs and psychometric testing choices.

Measurable improvements, reduced time to hire, reduced risk, continuous improvement, negotiation, and onboarding function.

Option to have a dedicated client website portal enabled to your own website to attract candidates from multiple marketing outputs, in line with current and ongoing requirements, with real-time processing.

Regular meetings with us as your team (including Directors) to discuss performance and activity over the agreed term, any outstanding action items, future requirements compliance and overall risk reduction.