About Us

Change Is Our Focus

The recruitment industry is and has always been, in conflict with itself, by design.

Outwardly, the industry appears service-focused, but the principles of high sales targets, contractual candidate ownership, the competitive contingency race, now redundant ‘specialist’ consultants and excessive traditional permanent fee structures merely serve to reinforce a dependency on outdated methodologies.

Recruiters will argue that if they can still find the right people, with the right fit and perfect cultural balance using traditional methodologies, why the need for change?

Simple. It’s the wrong mindset for a ‘service’ industry, and it’s time that it changed.

The Project Diary is all about change.

How Are We Different?

We are transparent in everything we do and engage with our clients on a retainer basis, as a trusted ethical professional recruitment provider.

We always listen intently to our clients and represent you and your company brand to the highest standards by asking the difficult questions to understand your values and cultural alignment.

Our standard engagement process provides a unique three-part streamlined recruitment program and competitive pricing to assist you in single placement search, huge team building discounts and business growth.

With today’s technology, we believe that everyone can now be found through social media channels, word-of-mouth through referral and targeted advertising.

We are flexible and agile by design, with a depth of expertise that is proven to successfully deliver candidates at a range of skillsets and job roles, at all salary levels and seniority.

The Project Diary is all about constant improvement, delivering a streamlined process and utilising the best and most useful technology to make the career change experience beautiful for everyone.

Our RPO model solves many HR and recruitment-related issues by becoming part of your team to build attraction pipelines and succession planning for key roles, amongst other benefits.

We will give a detailed and unique service, unlike any other in terms of delivery and capability, at a market-leading competitive price.

Our Values






Our Guarantees

We are highly trained in recruitment best practice methodologies and client organisational knowledge to always find the best fit.

We have an ongoing commitment to improvement, to provide high quality standards and agreed timely delivery.

We give the option of a 3-month replacement guarantee within our standard model. (This is included free of charge within our RPO model.)